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We are unlike

The world doesn’t need yet another smartphone – it needs a new way of thinking. That’s why Jolla was born.

We want to challenge the dominant perceptions. We want to create an innovation platform for ideas, opportunities and openness.Open Jolla, a new way of thinking.

Get to know different

Sailfish OS

It’s unlike what you’re used to. But once you get the hang of the gesture based Sailfish OS, you’ll never want to go back. Totally independent and highly adaptive, Sailfish OS is an open source platform, so if you know how, you can change whatever you want, whenever you want. What’s more, Sailfish OS is compatible with Android apps.

Live multitasking

There’s traditional multitasking, then there’s multitasking on Sailfish OS. Jolla is the only smartphone that shows all your running apps on one screen, without having to open and close them. From one app, you can trigger a multitasking shortcut. From there, you can change music, write a message or check your email – all without switching apps.

Gesture based user interface

Truly smart and truly original, Sailfish OS works with your natural movements to give you the best in-hand phone experience. Via swipes and shortcuts using just one hand, you can easily interact with all your running apps and services at the same time. And you don’t have to look far for the ‘home’ button, as it’s always under your thumb.

Android capability

Sailfish OS has the in-built capability to run Android apps on your Jolla. So you can continue using your favourite apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter as well as downloading all the latest ones via the Yandex and Aptoide Stores and other Android™ marketplaces.


Easy to get around

To get back ‘home’ from any app, swipe either side of the screen. To close the app, just swipe from top to bottom.


Handy notifications

Check your ‘events’ view without stopping what you’re doing. Simply swipe from the bottom of the screen upwards.


Take a quicker shortcut

Make a call, get to the camera and more by pulling down the Pulley Menu on the top of your phone.

Design from Finland

Built for curiosity

Function, minimalism and style is what happens when engineering meets Scandinavian design. With its pure lines and clarity, Jolla feels sleek and just right in your hand. And unlike others, we don’t buy into putting our logo all over the phone. It stirs greater curiosity. And more importantly, our community shouldn’t feel like walking ads.

A closer interaction

The front of the Jolla is totally dedicated to viewing what’s on the screen, without any design distractions like front facing buttons. Interactions are based on simple, natural gestures. There’s no stretching of the fingers or moving the phone with both hands. It’s effortless. Just like how it should be.

Nordic logic

Everything in the interface design is about logic, consistency and understanding intuitive movement. There’s similar interaction and flow between tasks. Sailfish gestures soon become muscle memory and every touch-point a fluid, simple, faster task. It changes the way people interact with their devices. The more you get to know your Jolla, the more it responds to your needs and adapts to your habits.

Make it yours

A blank canvas

Highly customisable, Jolla gives you full control over what apps and services exist on your Jolla. The first time you power up, the start-up wizard guides you to select the apps and services you want; there are no forced pre-loaded apps. That way, your privacy is respected and you only get updates for what you actually use.

A cover with more

The Other Half is a patented Jolla innovation. It’s a smart cover that uses NFC technology to instantly detect whatever’s on the back of the phone. As soon as The Other Half is on, it instantly adapts the look and feel of the back cover to the front, customising themes and tones to match. And this is just the start.

The Other Half

The Other Half today

You can find The Other Half range of Keira Black, Aloe and Poppy Red in the Jolla Shop. Made from ultra-durable and scratch resistant polycarbonate, each bring a unique look, ambience and custom sounds. More than just a cover they’re innovative, personal and functional.

The Other Half tomorrow

The Other Half is an open innovation platform packed with potential. 3D printing, preloaded music, Angry Birds and even solar panels are just the start of designs from our community, our partners, as well as the Jolla team.