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Corporate Solutions.
SandBlast Mobile
Secure Your Mobile Devices from Malicious Apps and Wi-Fi Hotspots

Benefits of SandBlast Mobile

  • Protect critical business data from cyberattacks(1)
  • Built by the global security expert, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., with best-in-class malwares detection(2)
  • Designed for modern mobile devices:
    • Analyse apps from Apple App Store and Google Play Store for known and unknown threats
    • Monitor network activity for suspicious or malicious behaviour
    • Assess device-level (OS) vulnerabilities to reduce the attack surface
    • Maintain device performance
  • Cloud deployment with minimal setup effort
  • Enterprise dashboard for centralized administration with respect for user privacy
Suitable for
  • Enterprises with mobile users
  • Employees on BYOD scheme (Bring Your Own Device)
3 Call Recording Architecture Infrastructure
(1) Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre (“HKCERT”) had 5,146 security incidents reported from Jan to Oct 2016, 4% higher than 2015 total (4,928). Hong Kong Police Force had 4,537 IT crimes reported from Q1 to Q3 of 2016, lower than 2015 total (5,333). Financial loss is $1.9 billion, higher than 2015 total ($1.8 billion).
(2) Recommended by NSS Labs as Security Effectiveness and Value in NSS Breach Detection Systems Test in 2015 and 2016. Source from