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Prepaid SIM 4G LTE / 3G
All-In-One SIM Travellers SIM Local Data SIM Domestics Helper SIM
  • All-In-One SIM
  • Dealer SIM
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  • 「Roaming Data Prepaid eSIM」
  • 「Japan & S.Korea」
  • 「Japan」
  • 「S.Korea」
  • 「Taiwan」
  • 「Singapore & Malaysia」
  • 「Australia & New Zealand」
  • 「China,HK,Macau」
  • 「Asia」
  • 「Europe」
  • 「International/Europe」
  • 「Europe 6 Countries」
  • 「Russia」
  • 「USA」
  • 「USA & Canada」
  • 「USA, Canada & Mexico」
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  • 4G LTE Data Package SIM
  • 4G LTE Day-Pass SIM
  • 4G / 3G Data SIM
  • Local Prepaid SIM
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  • TriHalo SIM
  • Indonesia / Philippine SIM
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New All-In-One SIM
  • All-In-One Sim Card has value choice of local data, voice call and roaming data package.
    Up to $100 Top up bonus!
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Alipay –online payment in a quick and safe way!
  • Customer can now recharge prepaid SIM via by Alipay~

* Online payment applicable to AlipayHK and Alipay account opened with Chinese ID card number only.

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Customer Services

A fair usage data threshold of 5GB (per day / 30-day) or varies from different package subscription or specified on the relevant packing or our website will be imposed on your Prepaid SIM card. Fair Usage Data Threshold varies from customers to customers; for fair usage data threshold of each data package, please refer to Prepaid SIM Data Package or dial *#107#. Once the aggregate local data usage of a customer in the relevant period beginning from the data usage reaches the relevant Fair Usage Data Threshold applicable to the customer, 3 Hong Kong shall have the right to reduce and restrict the data access speed (upload and download) to not less than 128 kbps. Please refer to "3Hong Kong Prepaid SIM Card Service Usage Policy and Fair Usage Policy" for details.