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The Best of Planet 3 is at your fingertips!
Planet 3 offers a wide choice of information and entertainment services. 3 customers can browse on Planet 3 without hassle and without paying the local mobile data charge* :

The main page provides you an easy access to the latest and hottest information as well as new services available on 3. You can explore the latest information everytime, everywhere with only one click! 

3 Index
"3 Index" uses delicated icons to consolidate a wide range of services into various information channels, and provides you up-to-date information everyday.
How to Access
Browse via handset
1. Just simply press the Planet 3 shortcut key via 3 mobile, or
2. Press handset's Main Menu then click on the "Browser" or "Internet" icon
Browse via FREE SMS with link
Method 1:Simply and input your 3G mobile number, the related URL will be sent to your designated handset directly.
Method 2:Dial shortcode to receive SMS with link to access
  Press #133   A free SMS with service link will be pushed to your mobile for accessing the service directly
It is FREE of local data charge* to browse TodayOn3 and look around Planet 3. Any surcharge applied for content / services will be indicated clearly as follow, so you can take full control on what you like to spend:
= Means Text Content which includes but does not limit to Text Info services, SMS alerts and Text-based content downloads.
= Means Multimedia Content which includes but does not limit to Picture image downloads, Picture or Video MMS alerts, and Video content streaming and downloads and Game hit or action.
+$ /

+$ =

Charges to be applied for Text Content and Multimedia Content will be denoted as +$ or +$ which means one or to be charged (on per item or per hit/action basis) plus the listed amount of charges. e.g. + $3 means one unit and also a charge of HK$3.
Thereafter charges for or will apply when all the entitlements of or in the monthly plan have been consumed.
* Additional roaming data fee will be charged if using the service out of Hong Kong territory
^ User interface will differ in appearance on different devices