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Year 2004

31 December, 2004
3 Hong Kong presents its 3-3G- and 3-Dualband- users with exclusive video mobile contents, comprehensive match information and prize game for "Watsons Water Champions Challenge 2005” Outstanding performance of 8 world-class female tennis players can be viewed anytime anywhere

30 December, 2004
3 Hong Kong further extends 3G network coverage from ground to tunnels for full MTR Island Line coverage - from Sheung Wan to Chai Wan

29 December, 2004
3 Customers can donate money to the victims of Tsunami through mobile phones

24 December, 2004
3-3G- Customers Watch Music Awards Presentation On Video Mobile Phone

23 December, 2004
Last Call for $3.33 million X'mas Lucky Draw

22 December, 2004
3 Hong Kong’s IDD Video Service now covers 28 regions worldwide, with Video Roaming coverage extended to 15 regions

21 December, 2004
3 Hong Kong brings an array of innovative 3G services for Christmas and New Year v-Card service combines animation with 3G technologies and allows customers to create personalized video greeting cards

20 December, 2004
3 Hong Kong to offer latest 3G video mobile phones – Motorola E1000 and Nokia 6630 at the best prices in town

19 December, 2004
Launching the second wave of TV Commercial for "Live 3”– Leon Lai interprets a new lifestyle with video communications breaking down country barriers: "See the words, feel the connection”

18 December, 2004
3 Hong Kong to offer the strongest portfolio of 17 3G video mobile phones with the upcoming launch of the Motorola E1000 and Nokia 6630

16 December 2004
Watch horse races live on 3G video mobile phones

8 December, 2004
Christmas with 3

30 November, 2004
3-3G-customers watch live concert on video mobile phones

29 November, 2004
3 Hong Kong launches first 3G mobile betting service in Hong Kong

28 November 2004
Join 3 and get a chance to win $3.33 million credit spending in X'mas lucky draws

17 November 2004
"Live 3" - 3 Hong Kong launches seven new state-of-the-art 3G video mobile phones of three brands plus two attractive offers and three new contents

16 November 2004
New TV Advertising Campaign to Illustrate "Live 3" Lifestyle

7 November 2004
3-3G-Promotional Activity at Olympian City Received Tremendous Support from Public

5 November 2004
3-3G-network first in Hong Kong to cover MTR concourses, platforms and tunnels

29 October 2004
Meet3Fun - Halloween Party

27 September 2004
3 Hong Kong partners with China's leading content providers to deliver GoChina channel

3 September 2004
Hong Kong partners with Hongkong International Terminals to further enhance the content of "Traffic Channel"

2 September 2004
3 video mobile phone provides superiority of “3G.2G CROSSOVER” with over 3,300 cell sites Say goodbye to your 2G phone now Join “3” with your existing phone number and receive trade-in benefits worth up to $3,300

23 August 2004
3 Hong Kong announces agreement with Sportev to deliver Barclays English Premier League video highlights for 3 consecutive years

10 August 2004
Cheung Kong Group Pledges $3 for Every $3 Chest Donation Public Makes

8 August 2004
3 Hong Kong Unveils the Second Wave of Meet3 Interactive Customer Event- "Meet3 - Go Athens"

3 August 2004
A BREAKTHROUGH IN 3G CONTENT Mind Works’ New “MW” 3G Video Channel offers 3 Hong Kong Trendy and Innovative Video Content

2 August 2004
3 Hong Kong and Singapore Airlines Partner to Launch the Latest "3 Mileage Reward Program" Rewards 3 Inbound Roamers with Free Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles

19 July 2004
3HK launches a video-based English Learning content service on mobile

9 July 2004
3 Hong Kong partners with Midland Realty to roll out Hong Kong's first mobile multimedia property portal

6 July 2004
3HK launches the first video-based interactive quiz on mobile

29 June 2004
3HK presents the stylish LG 8120 3G video mobile phone for trendsetters; New services deliver enticing communication and entertainment combo with useful location and fascinating fortune-telling services plus hottest Korean entertainment content and real-time traffic information

10 June 2004
3 Hong Kong launches Merlin U530TM UMTS wireless data card

12 May 2004
3 Hong Kong launches upgraded video mobile phone NEC c616V and Hong Kong's first gourmet dining and leisure video hot spot - "Chua Lam Channel", top gourmet Chua Lam chats on dining, drinking and the art of leisure

10 May 2004
3 Hong Kong Promotes Quality 3G Network from All Directions

9 May 2004
Mysterious statues found in Hong Kong

6 May 2004
3 Hong Kong ranked the world's topmost 3G network with best coverage, best quality and best network management

27 April 2004
3 enriches its music portfolio further with Jacky Cheung's new music videos and songs from "Life Is Like a Dream", plus unique Universal MV Cards for expressing feelings

19 April 2004
3 launches automatic roaming service in Japan. 3 customers can enjoy SMS and voice roaming services in most japanese cities

1 April 2004
3HK heats up 3G euphoria with the launch of Motorola A835; tailored handset bundle offer of $498 with $123 monthly plan exclusively for A835 customers; enticing new "Dining" and "Comedy" channels

26 March 2004
3 brings new attractions for premium NEC c616 - special handset offer, new and enhanced batteries, unveils a host of compelling content on live TV and football

15 March 2004
3 extends retail network to Fortress and China Motion shops

12 March 2004
3 Hong Kong Initiates "3 Developer Programme"

3 March 2004
3 Hong Kong's Celebration on 3 March

19 February 2004
3 connects to Vfone, marking a global breakthrough in video communications technology

16 February 2004
3 HK unveils its second wave marketing campaign with the introduction of new 3G video mobile phones - NEC 313 and Motorola A925 catering to the mass consumer and business markets. Enjoy 3 Service with best-value tariff plans and exciting new content & features

27 January 2004
3 Hong Kong makes its 3 Service debut
3Shop and 3ServiceCentre open for purchase of 3 video mobile phones and service subscription

25 January 2004
3 Hong Kong partners with Universal Music, EMI, Warner Music and Gold Label to present the first mobile music video and digital music download service in Hong Kong

25 January 2004
3 Hong Kong first to provide Reuters video financial news through 3G platform

20 January 2004
3 Hong Kong and Metro Radio jointly provide Hong Kong's first multimedia broadcasting service on video mobile phones

20 January 2004
3 Hong Kong partners with i-CABLE to provide exclusive 24-hour real-time mobile video news reports, real-time video traffic updates and sports news express

20 January 2004
3 Hong Kong partners with TVB to allow its users to be the first to watch popular TV series highlights, pop stars interviews, local and international video news on 3G video mobile phones

19 January 2004
3 Hong Kong to roll out 3 Service on 27 January 2004
First in the world to deliver NEC c616 video mobile phones
80,000 of 3 online registrants can enjoy a host of exclusive offers