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23 November 2009

3 and HGC partner exclusively with Taiwan’s largest online music provider
to bring forth KKBOX Music Service offering
the world’s largest collection of Chinese music tracks
  • Seamless synchronization of PC and Mobile for music download – a real fixed-mobile convergence service
  • World’s first iPhone- and Android-enabled music service
  • World’s largest Chinese music archive with over a million of tracks for  downloading
  • Strong array of 25 music label partners in Hong Kong to provide a full collection of local pop songs
  • Unique running lyrics for karaoke-like enjoyment anytime anywhere
  • Superb social networking feature for sharing music via over 100 social networking websites
  • Unrivalled monthly plan of only $49 for multi-platform unlimited music download along with exclusive two-month free trial
Hong Kong and Macau‧23 November 2009 - 3 and HGC today announced an exclusive partnership with KKBOX Taiwan Co., Ltd. to deliver KKBOX Music Service in Hong Kong and Macau with the world’s largest collection of Chinese music tracks.  3 Hong Kong, 3 Macau, and HGC customers can enjoy the rich music content of KKBOX with seamless synchronization of PC and mobile - an unprecedented experience of real fixed-mobile convergence. KKBOX is the world’s first iPhone- and Android-enabled music download service. Boasting the world’s largest Chinese music archive with over a million of tracks, KKBOX provides a full collection of local pop songs from its strong array of 25 music label partners in Hong Kong, fully catering to the demand of Hong Kong music lovers. Together with the unique running lyrics and social networking functions, KKBOX brings exciting interactive music entertainment at everyone’s reach.

To enable music lovers to enjoy outstanding-value music FMC service, 3 exclusively presents an unmatched flat-rate monthly plan of $49 and two-month free trial for customers to download unlimited music content over multiple platforms.

Seamless PC/Mobile Synchronization  – the real fixed-mobile convergence

Ms. Amy Lung, Chief Operating Officer – Mobile of Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong, said, “With the increasing popularity of smartphones and the tide of mobile digital music in Hong Kong, Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong has spearheaded the introduction of new-generation mobile multimedia music services and sustained its leading position in mobile music content. We are pleased to partner with KKBOX to extend the reach of the world’s largest Chinese music archive to the most popular iPhone and Android smartphones with seamless PC synchronization. This allows our 3 and HGC customers to download their favourite local or international hit songs, stream high-density MV, or enjoy karaoke-like entertainment with running lyrics anytime anywhere. 3 is also the first operator in Macau to launch KKBOX exclusively. It is our firm commitment to accelerate the development of fixed-mobile convergence.” 

Users can enjoy the KKBOX Music Service via up to 3 devices. At home, they can use PC to download tracks, stream high-density MV or browse artist updates with HGC’s 100Mbps broadband service. While on the go, users can ride on 3 Hong Kong / 3 Macau HSPA network to download a rich spectrum of tracks or view running lyrics for karaoke-like enjoyment. The seamless synchronization of PC and smartphones for all download content makes fixed-mobile convergence a reality.

KKBOX-world’s first iPhone- & Android-enabled music service

KKBOX is the most popular online music service* in Taiwan with an impressive record of 3 billion streams in 2008.  Coping with the new wave of iPhone and Android handsets, and mobile digital music, KKBOX pioneers the world’s first music download application supporting iPhone and Android handsets. It allows 3 Hong Kong / 3 Macau customers who are using iPhone and Android handsets to download songs with great ease, overcoming the obstacle of lacking online provision, and the hassle of changing format or downloading with cables.

Mr. Lambert Chien, Chairman of KKBOX Taiwan Co., Ltd. said, "We are very glad to be in the middle of the global digital music growth trend. Users in the Asia Pacific region, especially in Greater China, have very unique taste and demand for digital music that is very different from the digital music experience in the US and Europe. The fact that we were able to grow so fast in a market known for high digital piracy and at the same time maintained our business profitability proves that our unique product design and service model has won the hearts of music listeners as well as gaining great support and trust from our music label partners. To be able to team up with 3 and bring our ubiquitous online music experience to Hong Kong is a great opportunity for us to secure our leadership in this region."

World’s largest Chinese music archive and full array of local pop singers

KKBOX secures the support of over 220 music label partners, including 25 music labels in Hong Kong such as East Asia Music, EEG Music, Gold Typhoon, Sony Music, Star Entertainment, Universal Music, Warner Music and much more.  A full collection of hit songs from local pop singers is featured, viz, Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Eason Chan, Kelly Chen, Joey Yung, Hacken Lee, Miriam Yeung, Charlene Choi, Kay Tse, Hins Cheung, Khalil Fong, Jason Chan, to name just a few.

KKBOX boasts the strongest array of Hong Kong, Taiwan and international music content with over a million of tracks. Exclusive content includes all the hit songs from Jay Chou, Mayday and Chang Hui Mei. Mayday’s new track “起來” in the upcoming music album will also be available exclusively to KKBOX users.  In addition, a rich variety of tracks is provided, including the pop songs in Hong Kong and Taiwan, classic pop, electrophonic music, classical music, relaxation music, religion music, kid songs, opera music and much more.

Practise karaoke with unique running lyrics

To enable customers to indulge into the music world, KKBOX offers an exciting running lyrics function for users to listen songs with lyrics display in the same pace. Simply select “lyrics” on the handset or PC and users can enjoy karaoke-like entertainment anytime and anywhere.

Social networking functions for music sharing

Users can also share their favourite songs with friends via MSN, email, or over a hundred of popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, etc. KKBOX users can save the music tracks to their own playlists for unlimited playback, while non users can view related information on the music tracks.

Unmatched flat-rate monthly plan of $49 for unlimited multi-platform music download with 2-month free trial

An outstanding-value monthly plan of only $49 (originally priced at $65) is presented to all 3 Hong Kong, 3 Macau and HGC customers to enjoy the KKBOX service with unlimited usage on up to 3 devices. It is currently the most value-for-money service plan in town, saving much more than other existing charging models based on the number of device platforms. Furthermore, Hutchison customers can now exclusively enjoy two months of free service trial to download favourite songs and share music with other music lovers.

For more details on the KKBOX Music Service, please contact our hotline on 3162-3333, see or, or visit any 3Shop. 3 Macau customers can call 1118、visit 3Shop in Macau, or see

*Information based on the ARO’s top 100 website ranking in Taiwan as released in 2009.

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