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3 Super Cloud Service Termination Important Notice

New subscription of 3 Super Cloud monthly plan will no longer be accept.

3 Super Cloud will be terminated on 20 May 2016, the web portal( and mobile app will also be unavailable. Please backup all your files and contents there before 20 May 2016.  All contents saved on the related server will be permanently removed by then.

For any product enquiries, please contact 3iChat ambassador.

3 Super Cloud is the personal app that integrates with storage, sync, backup and share into your desktop and across all your devices.
The 3 Super Cloud lets 3HK user access and share all your photos and documents, watch movies, and listen to your music on the go. With the 3 Super Cloud, you can access your contents anytime and anywhere!
Features of 3 Super Cloud
  • Access and share all your contents (music, photos, videos) from your mobile devices and all your computers
  • Watch videos in various formats, and listen to entire music albums
  • View your work documents
  • Keep your photos safe with camera backup to automatically upload a copy of all pictures and videos you take
  • Using “Favorite” items, view content offline, so you always have a local copy on your phone
  • To manage your contents via designated web portal (
This service is powered and managed by Bitcasa Inc.
You can choose different plan to suit your needs!
20GB, 100GB and 1000GB
3 Super Cloud Management Platform
When you complete the registration process, you can log in 3 Super Cloud web portal to manage your files.
3 Super Cloud web portal
Service Plan
Storage Charge
20GB HK$28/month
100GB HK$48/month
1000GB HK$78/month

3 Super Cloud Service Subscription terms

  1. I/We agree to enter into this Agreement with Bitcasa Inc. (“Bitcasa”) for the provision of the 3 Super Cloud service by Bitcasa subject to the attached terms and conditions entitled “3 Super Cloud Service – Terms of Use”.
  2. I/We will pay the following fees of the selected option to Hutchison Telephone Company Limited (“HTCL”)
    1. A fee for each month of this Agreement
    2. HKD28 20GB storage or
    3. HKD48 100GB storage or
    4. HKD78 1000GB storage
  3. I/We will be liable for the entire monthly fee if this Agreement is terminated prior to the expiry of the corresponding monthly period.
  4. If I/We terminate this Agreement or cease to be a customer of HTCL for mobile data and voice communications service, all information associated with my/our account of the 3 Super Cloud service will be deleted 14 days after such termination of this Agreement or cessation of being a customer. 
  5. If I/we cease to be a customer of HTCL for mobile data and voice communications service, this Agreement shall be deemed to be terminated by me/us upon such cessation of being a customer. 
  6. I/We acknowledge that the entire agreement for the provision of 3 Super Cloud service is between me/us and Bitcasa.  I/We agree that HTCL shall not be liable to me/us in any way in connection with the 3 Super Cloud service.
  7. For the purpose of the attached terms and conditions entitled “3 Super Cloud Service – Terms of Use”, HTCL is referred to as the Authorized Distributor.
  8. I/We understand that the signing date of this Agreement will be the commencement date of this Agreement between Bitcasa and me/us, and that the monthly fee will be incurred from such commencement date.
  9. For inquires or to make changes or termination to my/our subscription to the 3 Super Cloud service, please contact our Customer Services Hotline at 1033.

Terms and Conditions