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Happy Easter!
To celebrate the Easter break, 3HK is offering "buy 3 get 1 free" for any subscription on
Data Roaming Daily Pass / 3RoamLite Pass / Whatsapp Pass / 3Roam Data Plan
during the promotion period from 3rd April to 8th May 2017.
Stay connected & Happy travelling with 3HK.

Flexible charging starts at $38/day/destination for first 5MB, thereafter $10/MB but no matter how much daily data you used, a capped charge at $268/day/destination protects you from bill shock. Subscribe 3Roam service by Dialing *117*1# on handset.
WhatsApp Roaming Pass
Freely use WhatsApp service to send messages, photos, videos, and make call by VoIP voice call across 160 destinations worldwide with a fixed daily fee at $48/day/destination. You will be protected for Whatsapp usage only on data roaming and no need to worry on any accidental usage. Subscribe WhatsApp Pass service by Dialing *130*1# on handset.
3RoamLite Pass
Budget mobile data option for travelling, covering 33 destinations worldwide and offering daily 100MB mobile data at as low as $78/day/destination in Asia and $88/day/destination in Europe. You are still free to use data service after 100MB with a lower speed to satisfy your basic needs from social media to communications. In addition, you can subscribe voice minute pack @$28/10 min add-on to enjoy discount on roaming voice call. Dial *105*1# on handset to subscribe 3RoamLite Data Pass or *105*6# to subscribe both 3RoamLite Data Pass and voice pack.
Data Roaming Daily Pass
Free to use data roaming in 160 destinations/ 231 networks at as low as $138/day/destination for Macau/ China and $198/day/destination for other destinations, with one fee on same day when traveling in Euro Zone. Dial *107*1# on handset for subscription.

Terms & Conditions:
  1. This promotion is only applicable to selected 3HK 4G LTE / 3G postpaid customers ("Customers") using Data Roaming Daily Pass / 3RoamLite Pass / WhatsApp Roaming Pass / 3Roam Data Plan of 3HK (each a "Roaming Pass" and collectively the "Roaming Passes").
  2. This promotion is valid from 3 April 2017 (00:00 HK time) to 8 May 2017 (23:59 HK time) ("Promotional period").
  3. Customers are required to subscribe for any Roaming Pass in order to enjoy the promotional offer. The Roaming Passes can be subscribed with mobile handsets via short code :
    1. Data Roaming Daily Pass (*107*1#);
    2. 3RoamLite Pass (*105*1#);
    3. WhatsApp Roaming Pass (*130*1#); and
    4. 3Roam Data Plan (*117*1#).
  4. For service details of each of the Roaming Passes, please click (Data Roaming Daily Pass / 3RoamLite Pass / WhatsApp Roaming Pass / 3Roam Data Plan).
  5. Full roaming service will be activated upon activation of any Roaming Pass to facilitate usage of data roaming service.  Please click here for details of full roaming service.
  6. During the Promotion Period, daily service charge for the fourth (4th) day usage of a Roaming Pass subscribed for by the Customers will be waived if Customers has used such a Roaming Pass for 4 days or above.  The rebate will be credited into Customers' mobile service account after June 2017. Daily charge starts to incur upon successful subscription and usage of any Roaming Pass, and is chargeable on a daily basis and will not be pro-rated even if the relevant Roaming Pass is activated and terminated within the same day.  Daily service charge means charges incurred under the relevant Roaming Pass each day from 00:00 to 23:59 (Hong Kong time) regardless of the physical location of a Customer.
  7. Each mobile number under which a Roaming Pass is subscribed for is entitled to the promotion offer once and is applicable to the same type of Roaming Pass only.
  8. 3HK reserves the right to vary, modify or terminate the contents of this promotion, as well as to amend any of the relevant terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice. HTCL's decision and record shall be final in case of any dispute.