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Prepaid SIM 4G LTE
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Supreme Card
International Supreme Card (Social Media Limited Edition)
Face Value $100
Local Airtime Mobile to Mobile $0.05 / min
Mobile to Fixed Lines $0.06/min (Mon-Fri: 11pm - 11am; Sat, Sun & Public Holiday)
$0.12/min (Mon - Fri: 11am - 11pm)
SMS Intra-network Free
(Adjust to Free 500SMS/30 days starting from 10 May 2019)16
Inter-network $0.5 / SMS
International $2 / SMS
Roaming $3.5 / SMS
IDD Service IDD001/IDD1968 (Click for details)
Administration Fee1 $0.5 / 30 day
Validity2 (After activation) 180 day
China Number New! $19/30-Day (Click for details)
After the default data package used up or expired, the data packages below are available for subscription.
Local Data Package Charge (HK$) Subscription Cancellation
1-Day FUP 1.5GB# $18 *127*011# #127*011#
7-Day4 FUP 2GB# $78 *127*778# #127*778#
30-Day4 FUP 6GB# $88 *127*709# #127*709#
30-Day4 FUP 5GB#
(Free Wi-Fi Service)
$188 *127*719# #127*719#
30-Day 1GB4 $48 *127*748# #127*748#
30-Day 2GB4 $78 *127*782# #127*782#
365-Day 20GB Local data + 20GB Social Media data14-15
(Adjust to 30GB Local data + 20GB Social Media data starting from 4 April 2019)
$198 *127*689# #127*689#

Roaming Data Day Pass5-13 Charge (HK$) Subscription Cancellation
China, HK, Macau China,HK,Macau-3-Day/500MB
Designated Destinations
$38 *127*683# #127*683#
Designated Destinations
$68 *127*684# #127*684#
Designated Destinations
$78 *127*685# #127*685#
HK & Macau – 5-Day/1GB
Designated Destinations
$98 *127*313# #127*313#
China, HK & Macau – 15-Day/1GB
Designated Destinations
$168 *127*333# #127*333#
China,HK,Macau-30-Day/3GB + 300min China IDD
Designated Destinations
$198 *127*686# #127*686#
Hong Kong&Macau-365-Day/20GB HK + 5GB Macau
Designated Destinations
$198 *127*678# #127*678#
China,HK,Macau-365-Day/25GB HK + 3GB (China, Macau)
Designated Destinations
$198 *127*687# #127*687#
HK & Macau – 180-Day/5GB
Designated Destinations
$248 *127*302# #127*302#
Taiwan Taiwan - 5-Day
Designated Destinations
$90 *127*305# #127*305#
Australia &
New Zealand
Australia & New Zealand - 8-Day
Designated Destinations
$138 *127*667# #127*667#
Australia & New Zealand - 14-Day / 2.5GB
Designated Destinations
$250 *127*310# #127*310#
Asia $160 Asia 4 Destinations - 7-Day / 3GB
Designated Destinations
$160 *127*306# #127*306#
$288 Asia Pacific - 7-Day
Designated Destinations
$288 *127*307# #127*307#
International / Europe $288 International (Europe/Canada) - 14-Day
Designated Destinations
$288 *127*314# #127*314#
$288 International (Europe/South Africa/Egypt) - 15-Day/1.5GB
Designated Destinations
$288 *127*318# #127*318#
IDD1966 Package (Details)
IDD1966 Package $56/30 days
Special Bonus $10 VAS bonus (Click for detail)
Designated Countries Calling to Fixed Lines and Mobile Numbers Calling to Fixed Lines
China, USA, Canada, Singapore UK, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
Subscription *127*63#
Cancellation #127*63#
Terms & Conditions
How To Use & Setting
First Time Activation of Your SIM Card (Recommended processing in Hong Kong)
Make a local voice / video call in Hong Kong
The card is activated. You will receive a short message from the system displaying your assigned mobile number, total stored value, expiry date, check digit and password (This password enables you to recharge by dialing 1753175 with any touch-tone phones)
Press [##107*0#] 
(Applicable to selected roaming countries)
No Registration is required for Prepaid SIM with default package, service starts upon activation.

Account Enquiry: [##107#] (check Stored Value, Mobile number and Expiry Date) 
**If you are unable to access to data after completing the above steps, please try to reboot your handset / turn on "Mobile Data" / turn on "Data Roaming" for Roaming Data Package / ensure the APN and network setting is correct / "Fight mode" OFF.

APN Setting:
IOS: Go to "Setting" > "Mobile Networks" > "Mobile Data Options" > "Mobile Data Network" > Input "" in [APN] column of Mobile Data
Android: Go to "Setting" > "Mobile Networks" > Press [APN] > Press Input "" in column
Recharge Method & Bonus
Selected Recharge Voucher
Purchase International Supreme Card's Recharge Voucher - Simply follow the recharge procedure printed on the voucher to recharge the designated prepaid card while you are in Hong Kong or overseas. The recharge value will be instantly loaded to your account. You will receive a message with the new stored value and the expiry date upon every successful recharge. Each time you recharge the card, recharge bonus will be granted to your account as below:
Recharge Voucher Amount Bonus Extension
$50^ $5 360-Day
$80 $30 360-Day
Recharge Method:
Press # # 1 0 5 * (16-digit password printed on the recharge voucher) #Call or call 1753 175 and follow the instructions to enter (16-digit password printed on the recharge voucher).
^$50 Recharge Voucher is not applicable to extra local voice minutes offer.
Voucher Sales Channel
Address in Chinese version will be provided, please click here for more information.

3 Service Tips
Services Methods of use Charges
Visit/Login nput on handset’s browser Free
Call Forward Bundle

(Example: Unconditional Call Forward)
Press **21*
[HK telephone no.] # Call
For receiving calls diverted to local telephone no. /voice mailbox/video mailbox: Charge at local voice/video airtime rate
Press **21*001 [country code][area code] (if applicable)[overseas telephone no.] # Call For receiving calls diverted to overseas telephone no.: Charge at IDD airtime rate (local airtime charge is waived)
Sales Channel