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3 Hong Kong provides Wi-Fi service with hotspots around every corner in Hong Kong! The service supports with multi-media functions a broad range of Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g) enabled electronic devices including mobile phones, smartphones, notebook computers, PDAs, Pocket PCs, portable electronic game devices, so you can browse freely anytime, anywhere!

Wi-Fi Plan
Monthly Plan $18
How To Subscribe
1. Via SMS
2. Send a blank message to [503106]
3. Acknowledgment message will be received as

"Thanks you to choose 3HK Wi-Fi service, you will receive the login ID soon. $18 per 30 days service fee will be deducted from your stored value."

4. Confirmation message will be provided with

"3Notice: Thanks for subscribing 3HK Wi-Fi service while it is now activated. Username is your mobile number and the password is [xxxxx]."

How To Use

1. Connect to Wi-Fi at designated coffee shops, restaurants and major shopping centres with total 2,000 access points.

2. Select the SSID "3HKWi-FiService" from the network list.

iPhone / iPad Wi-Fi set upFAQ
Terms & Conditions:
- All service contents and charges are subject to final decision of 3 Hong Kong.
- 3 Hong Kong reserves the right to change the contents and charges without prior notice
- Terms & Conditions apply to all promotional offer. Please contact 3shops or 3Customer Service Hotline: 3166 3333 for more information.

Additional mobile data charges can be incurred without the customer's knowledge when using mobile equipment with Wi-Fi capabilities especially for those mobile equipment that have auto-switch to mobile data from Wi-Fi capabilities when the Wi-Fi signal is weak or unavailable, and/or those that have regular automatic update and refresh application features. Customer is reminded to properly log out from such applications after use or disable any automatic feature by switching the function to "manual operation" (if applicable). Customer should check the mobile data usage from time to time to minimize the unnecessary costs incurred.

- All usage subject to 3HK service usage policy.

Applicable to new/existing 3 Hong Kong 3G Rechargeable SIM Card customers


3 Hong Kong Wi-Fi service is provided by Y5 ZONE Limited.