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Data Service  Charge
Monthly Plan HK$18
(Include: Local Data 50MB + Unlimited Wi-Fi + 10,000 Intra-SMS )
Local Data Service~ HK$2/MB
Daily maximum cap at $18*~
Monthly maximum cat at $168*#~

~When your monthly fair usage reaches 5GB, you can still continue to use the service. However, when network traffic is busy, priority access to the network may be adjusted affecting your data service experience, but data access speed is maintained at not less than 128kbps. Please refer to and "3Hong Kong Rechargeable SIM Card Service Usage Policy and Fair Usage Policy" for details.

* Cut-off time is 23:59      # Counted 30 days from the day of data usage

Others Services Charge
Local Voice Minute $0.1/ min  
Short Message (SMS)  Intra-SMS: 10,000 / Inter-SMS: $0.7 / International: $1.8
Multi-media Message (MMS)  Local - $1.5 / International - $3.5 
Administration Fee Waived during promotion period
Validity (after activation) 180 Days

- All usage subject to 3 Hong Kong Service Usage Policy and Fair Usage Policy.
- Unless otherwise specified, the usage entitlement and fee of the monthly plan applies to local service only.
- All service contents and charges are subject to final decision of 3 Hong Kong. 3 Hong Kong reserves the right to change the contents and charges without prior notice.
- The above offers are subject to Terms & Conditions. Please contact 3Shop staff for details.