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Press **125*001 [country code][area code] (phone no.) #
Roaming Destinations Incoming Outgoing Call to HK Local Outgoing Call Outgoing Call to Other Destinations
China HK$8 HK$8 HK$6 HK$19
Macau HK$7.8 HK$5.8 HK$8.8 HK$19
Japan, S. Korea HK$9.8 HK$9.8 HK$9.8 HK$25
Band1 HK$9 HK$9 HK$6 HK$19
Band2 HK$13 HK$13 HK$9 HK$19
Band3 HK$23 HK$23 HK$19 HK$25
1. Band 1countries: Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand
2. Band 2 countries: Belgium, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Morocco, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Liechtenstein
3. Band 3 countries: Rest of the world. Click here for the 3G Roaming Prepaid coverage.
4. The list of "Band 1", "Band 2" and "Band 3" are subject to change from time to time.
5. Applicable roaming destinations may change from time to time depending on various factors such as the coverage of our network partners and the specification and compatibility of their networks.
6. All charges are in Hong Kong dollars on a per minute basis.
7. No local airtime will be deducted for roaming voice calls.
8. All calls you made while you are traveling overseas will be made by way of a call from our system connecting our customers with the called party. Please check the detail with individual International Roaming Rechargeable SIM Card user guides. Charge commences when the call from our system is answered, whether your called number has not answered or the line is busy.
Roaming Video Call Service Roaming Data Service
Direct dial is applicable to all of the below network operators. Simply press "+" & local telephone no. for making local direct call with related roaming fees as follows:
Destinations Network Operator Incoming Outgoing call to HK Local Outgoing Outgoing Call to Others
China China Mobile HK$8 HK$8 HK$6 HK$19
Australia 3 HK$9 HK$9 HK$6 HK$19
Austria 3 HK$23 HK$23 HK$19 HK$25
Denmark 3 HK$13 HK$22.9 HK$4.6 HK$25.9
Indonesia Hutchison HK$12.4 HK$29.1 HK$4.5 HK$32.1
Ireland 3 HK$23 HK$27.9 HK$6.3 HK$30.9
Italy 3 HK$13 HK$28.2 HK$7.3 HK$31.2
Macau HTMCL HK$5.8 HK$5.8 HK$8 HK$19
Singapore Mobile One HK$9 HK$9 HK$6 HK$19
Sri Lanka MobileTel HK$25 HK$19 HK$23 HK$23
Sweden 3 HK$13 HK$23.6 HK$4.7 HK$26.6
Thailand AIS HK$14.8 HK$13 HK$6.2 HK$19
United Kingdom 3 HK$13 HK$13 HK$9 HK$19
- The tariffs stated above are in Hong Kong dollars and for reference only. They are subjected to change without prior notice in accordance with the tariff & the charging duration unit of respective network operator as well as the exchange rate fluctuations.