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First Time Activation and Modem Setting
First Time Activation and Modem Setting
1. Insert the HSDPA Broadband Access Rechargeable SIM Card into the Modem
2. Connect the modem to your laptop
3. Restart the laptop, the installation program will auto-start. If the auto-run program does not response, go to driver path. Find and double-click the "AutoRun.exe" file
4. Install the program according to the instruction prompted on the screen
5. After successful installation, a shortcut icon "Mobile Partner" will be shown on the desktop. Double-click it and a dashboard will be shown
6. Click "Browser" on the dashboard for internet access ^. Once the internet is connected, the Rechargeable SIM Card will be automatically activated
7. You will receive an SMS alert via the dashboard to confirm the card activation

Modem Setting:
If you are using a modem which is not provided by 3HK, please set the APN of your modem to

^ When you are connecting to the network, please ensure you are within the mobile phone service coverage
Recharge Method
You can recharge your card by the following methods
1. Recharge by recharge voucher
2. ATM
3. PPS
4. Recharge by credit card in internet

Please refer to user guide for further details

Frequently Used Numbers
Account EnquiryCall (1) (7) (5) (3) (1) (7) (5); Or press (#) (#) (1) (0) (7) (#) via mobile phone ; Or send a blank SMS to "503175"
Recharge by VoucherCall (1) (7) (5) (3) (1) (7) (5) press (1); Or press (#) (#) (1) (0) (5) (*) (16 digit password printed on the recharge voucher) (#) ; Or send a short message with 16 digit password to "503105"

Download HSDPA Broadband Access Rechargeable SIM Card User Guide