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Overview Charges How To Use Roaming Coverage & Charges
First Time Activation of Your SIM Card (Recommended in Hong Kong)
Make a local voice / video call in Hong Kong
The card is activated. You will receive a short message from the system displaying your assigned mobile number, total stored value, expiry date, check digit(This number allows you to recharge via ATM and PPS) and password (This password enables you to recharge by dialing 1753175 with any touch-tone phones)
Press [##107*0#] (Applicable to selected roaming countries)
Account Enquiry of Stored Value, Mobile number and Expiry Date:[##107#]
Recharge: [##105*] [16-digit password of recharge voucher][#] , or call 1753175, follow instruction and enter password of recharge voucher
3 Service Tips
(Recommended to use 3 video mobile phones)
Services Methods of use Charges
Video Call
Dial the number and press "video" call button
Video Call Charge+
Multimedia Content
Connect to 3 portal (press directly if using 3 mobile phones) and press "Grid"
Browsing 3 portal: Free
Viewing normal multi-media content: Deducts M or charges per individual service / content
Voice Mail
Connect to 3 portal (press directly if using 3 mobile phones) and enter "3Care" under "3Grid" for subscription
HK$15 per month
Video Mail
Promotion offer: HK$30 per month (Original Price HK$60)
Call Forward Bundle

(Example:Unconditional Call Forward)
Press *21*
[HK telephone no.] #
For receiving calls diverted to local telephone no. / voice mailbox / video mailbox: Charge at local voice / video airtime rate
Press **21*001 [country code][area code] (if applicable)[overseas telephone no.] #
For receiving calls diverted to overseas telephone no.: Charge at IDD airtime rate (local airtime charge is waived)
+Roaming charge applies while roaming overseas
Download 3G International Roaming Rechargeable SIM Card User Guide