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Roaming Service
Travel Service   4G LTE/3G
Roam-in-Command, 1-touch to activate, forget about swapping sim upon arrival.
  • Newly added destinations: New Zealand, Portugal, Switzerland, Mexico etc.
  • Covering 50 key destinations and more than 100 hot tourist cities around the world
  • Use data freely for as low as $15/day
  • 6 days or 14 days Pass, suitable for short or long trips
  • One Pass is all you need

6 days
14 days
Activate Now
or Scan QR code / Dial shortcode to activate
One Pass keeps you connected across destinations below
USA*, Canada, Mexico
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK#, Ukraine
Asia Pacific
Australia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macau, Mainland China, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam
Middle East
Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, U.A.E.
How do I activate service?
Simply click "Activate Now" button here or dial shortcode with your handset to activate Roam-in-Command.
What are 30 days and 6 days / 14 days valid periods?
Roam-in-Command can be used within 30 days after activation. Once you start using the data, then it is valid for 6 days for $98 and 14 days for $198.
Is there any warm reminder for this service?
Different types of SMS reminder will be sent to you, for :
  1. Confirmation upon service activation
  2. The valid period when start using travel data
  3. Before the expiry of 6 days or 14 days validity
Can I share my data by tethering?
Yes! No more hassle of picking up and returning the rental Wi-Fi modem, or adding extra weight to your luggage. Simply share data by tethering with your other mobile devices.
Is 4G LTE supported by Roam-in-Command?
4G LTE service is available to 3HK 4G LTE customers using compatible 4G devices while there are 3HK supported 4G network in the destination.
* Subject to coverage of the destination.
What to do if I would like to know more about the service?
You may contact us via Travel Expert Hotline at 1037 or via iChat.
#Includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland only
*Includes the continental United States and Hawaii only

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Roam-in-Command ("RIC Service") and the related data roaming charges ("Roaming Charges")are applicable only to 3HK 4G/3G postpaid customers who are eligible to subscribe for roaming services with full roaming and IDD services being activated.
  2. SMS confirmation will be sent and the relevant fee will be charged immediately upon successful activation of RIC Service. .
  3. RIC Service has a valid period of 30 days upon activation (“Valid Period”). Unused data will be forfeited upon expiration of the Valid Period.
  4. Service fee will be charged upon first use of relevant data roaming service of RIC Service after activation(“First Usage”). A "day" means the 24 hour-period after the First Usage. RIC Service has a usage period of 6 days (“6-Day Usage Period”) or 14 days (“14-Day Usage Period”)(as the case may be). 6-Day Usage Period and 14-Day Usage Period are collectively referred to as the “Usage Period”. The expiry date is at 23:59 on the 6th day or 14th day (HK time) respectively.
    Example: 6-Day Period : If First Usage of the RIC Service is at 3:00 pm (HK time) on 23 July 2018, RIC Service will expire at 23:59 pm (HK time) on 29 July 2018.
  5. Within the Usage Period of RIC Service, the 4G/3G network speed will be subject to the network coverage and system compatibility of the designated network service providers in the destinations while the RIC Service is in use as well as other relevant factors which may be subject to change from time to time. The data speed will be adjusted to not lower than 128kbps when the data roaming usage reaches 1GB (6-Day Usage Period ) or 2GB (14-Day Usage Period) (as the case may be), customers may continue to use the data roaming service until expiry of the Usage Period. Customer may input short code (6-Day Usage Period:*138*1#; 14-Day Usage Period: *138*2#) or login 3Care or My3 App to subscribe for RIC Service again if necessary after expiration of the Usage Period. However, if the RIC Service is subscribed for again before expiry of the Usage Period, the new Usage Period will commence on the activation date of the new subscription of the RIC Service.
  6. If customer has subscribed for other data roaming plan while some of the destinations covered under such other data roaming plan overlap with those of the RIC Service, generally the data roaming usage used in the overlapped destinations will be deducted or charged under such other data roaming plan ( except for data roaming daily pass which is charged on a daily basis, such as "Data Roaming Daily Pass", "RoamLite Pass" etc.). Please contact 3 Customer Services Hotline for service fees details. Different service plans are charged separately.
  7. If customer cancels the subscribed-for RIC Service by entering the designated short code〔*138*4#〕 or upon expiry of the Usage Period of RIC Service, data roaming service (including but not limit to speed, charges, service contents) will be restored to the data roaming plan currently subscribed for by the customer prior to usage of the RIC Service(if any), or the standard roaming service. Please login to 3Care account to obtain details of the current subscribed-for roaming service plan (if any). Any cancelled RIC Service cannot be re-activated and any remaining data entitlement will be forfeited immediately without any compensation.
  8. RIC Service only includes data transmission charges. Voice call, SMS, video call and and other extra service usage will be charged at the standard roaming rate (please click here for details).
  9. RIC Service shall not be applicable to aircraft roaming/maritime roaming/satellite roaming.
  10. 3HK reserves the rights to amend the charges and terms and conditions (including but not limited to designated destinations and designated networks and their coverage) of RIC Service and to suspend or terminate any part of RIC Service at any time without prior notice, especially in case where roaming partner terminates cooperation with 3HK. 3HK shall have the final decision in case of any dispute.