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漫遊服務   4G LTE/3G

This Chinese New Year, share your magic travel moments with friends and family with Roam-in-Command. Now, get 2GB data for just $168 as low as $12/day, for a limited time only*. Data can be used across destinations within the same region including Europe, Asia Pacific, Americas and Greater China.
  • New data packages, better price
  • 6 days or 14 days validity, suitable for short or long trips
  • Buy as much as you need, enjoy high autonomy and flexibility
  • Top up whenever you need extra data

Activate Now
or Scan QR code / Dial shortcode to activate
UK, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland

Asia Pacific
Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam
USA and Canada

Greater China
China, Macau and Taiwan

More Enquiry
How do I activate service?
Simply click "Activate Now" button here or dial shortcode with your handset to activate Roam-in-Command or top up after data is used up.
What are 30-day and 6-day / 14-day valid periods?
You may use your Roam-in-Command service within 30 days after activation. Service validates for 6 days for 1GB data package and 14 days for 2GB data package after first use of roaming data.
How do I know my data usage?
You will receive SMS notifications when your You will receive SMS notifications when your Roam-in-Command usage reaches 70%, 90% and 100%. Roaming data service stops once your data is used up to protect you from bill shock. You may also dial *122# to check the usage and status.
Can I share my data by tethering?
Yes! No more hassle of picking up and returning the rental Wi-Fi modem, nor adding extra weight to your luggage. Simply share data by tethering with your other mobile devices.
Is 4G LTE supported by Roam-in-Command?
4G LTE service is available to 3HK 4G LTE customers using compatible 4G devices while there are 3HK supported 4G network in the destination.
* Subject to coverage of the destination.
Offer details :
"Roam-in-Command Offer" : It is valid from 20 December 2017 to 28 February, 2018 ("Promotional Period"). Within the Promotion Period, activation and Top Up of 2GB, promotion charge of $168 (Original charge $198) will be charged. $198 will continue to display on related confirmation and usage alert SMS; while promotion charge of $168 will be debit to your service account.
The offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers. 3HK reserves the right to vary, modify or terminate the contents of this promotion, as well as to amend any of the relevant terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice. HTCL’s decision and record shall be final in case of any dispute.

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Only 3HK 4G LTE/3G postpaid customers who are qualified to subscribe roaming services are eligible for Roam-in-Command ("The Service") and the related data roaming charges .
  2. Full Roaming service will be activated automatically upon activation of The Service. For details of Full Roaming service, please visit
  3. When Roam-in-Command activation is successful, a confirmation will be sent by way of SMS and/or via 3Care of 3HK website (as the case maybe).
  4. The relevant charge of The Service will be charged to your account with 3HK immediately upon successful activation and thereafter upon each Top Up of The Service.
  5. Activated Roam-in-Command needs to be used within 30 days from the day of successful activation or The Service will expire upon the lapse of such 30-day period.
  6. Subject to paragraph 5 above and upon first use of roaming data, the activated Roam-in-Command will be valid for a period of 6 days for 1GB data package and 14 days for 2GB data package, counting from the time of first usage by the Customer. A "day" is counted by 24 hours after first roaming data usage. By way of example,
    1GB data package : If the Customer first uses Roam-in-Command at 3:00 pm (Hong Kong time) of 1st November, 2017, The Service will expire at 2:59 pm (Hong Kong time) of 7th November, 2017.
    2GB data package : If the Customer first uses Roam-in-Command at 3:00 pm (Hong Kong time) of 1st November, 2017, The Service will expire at 2:59 pm (Hong Kong time) of 15th November, 2017.
  7. When the Customer uses up his/her Roam-in-Command data before expiry of The Service, the Customer needs to purchase additional data ("Top Up") in order to continue roaming data usage in the relevant coverage destinations. The expiry date of any Top Up data shall be the same as that of the initial Roam-in-Command service first used by the Customer (i.e. any Top Up data will co-terminate with the initially first used Roam-in-Command service).
  8. Customer may cancel his/her subscribed Roam-in-Command by entering specific shortcode and use roaming data at the rate of the originally subscribed roaming plan. Any cancelled Roam-in-Command service cannot be restored and any remaining data entitlement will be forfeited immediately without any compensation.
  9. Upon expiry of The Service, service plan will be switched automatically to roaming products or services that subscribed by the Customer and any remaining Roam-In-Command entitlement will be forfeited without any compensation.
  10. Roam-in-Command only includes data transmission charges and excludes any other charges that might incur from using any other data service, voice, SMS and Video Call and the related usage incurred on any networks, which will be charged to the Customer at Standard Roaming Rate. For details of Standard Roaming Rate, please refer to .
  11. Roam-in-Command shall not be applicable to aircraft roaming/maritime roaming/satellite roaming.
  12. Usage of Roam-in-Command service is subject to roaming coverage, system compatibility and other relevant conditions of the designated networks, which are subject to change without prior notice.
  13. Please contact our 3Shop staff, 3Sales Hotline or refer to for details of the above offers and services and a complete version of terms and conditions. 3HK reserves the rights to amend the charges and terms and conditions (including but not limited to designated destinations and designated networks and their coverage) of The Service and to suspend or terminate any part of The Service at any time without prior notice, especially in case where roaming partner terminates cooperation with 3HK. 3HK shall have the final decision in case of any dispute.