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Prepaid SIM 4G LTE
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Data SIM
Tariff 1GB Data SIM
2GB Data SIM
3GB Data SIM
Service Charge (HK$)
Face Value $168 $248 $298
Local Airtime $0.1/min
Local Video Call Airtime N/A
Short Message /SMS Local SMS
International SMS $1.8/SMS
Local Data~ Per MB N/A
Default LTE Local Data Package1,2,3 $168/1GB
(30 days)
(30 days)
(30 days)
IDD Service
(Applicable IDD001 & IDD1968)
IDD001/IDD1968 (Click for details)
+ Local airtime charge
Roaming Service Voice/Data/ Roaming Data Daily Pass N/A
Extra Bonus/Special Offer N/A
Administration Fee4 $2/30 days
(waived for first 30 days)
Validity (after activation/recharge)5 60 Days
Recharge Bonus (Recharge)
Recharge Amount Bonus
$50-$99 -
$100-$199 $10
$200-$299 $50
$300 or above $100
"VAS" Package (Subscription & Cancellation)
Local Data Package2,3
  • $168/1GB (30 Days)
  • $248/2GB (30 Days)
  • $298/3GB (30 Days)
WhatsApp Package7 $8 or $18 / 30days
Call Waiting Service Local airtime
Call Forwarding Service Free of charge
Wi-Fi Service

Free of charge


3 Super Talk Service Package8-22

"3Super Talk" is a smartphone app with 3Hong Kong prepaid SIM mobile phone number which allows you to receive calls from Hong Kong and enjoy IDD 1968 rate to make any call to any destinations regardless of whether you are in Hong Kong or traveling aboard via Wi-Fi and data network. To save roaming voice call charge!

Daily Package

$8/ day

Monthly package (free 100 IDD min to designated destinations^) $58 / 30-day

^ Applicable for designated destinations as below:
Fixed-line & Mobile: Canada, China, Hawaii, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA
Fixed-line: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan.


  1. Default LTE Local Data Package will be started & local data service is provisioned upon card activation.
  2. The corresponding service charge $168/$248/$298 will be deducted from your prepaid SIM account immediately after package subscription.
  3. LTE Local Data Package is valid for 30 days from the day of package subscription. The package will be terminated on the next day of package expired at 00:00 (Hong Kong time) automatically and there is no pro-rata calculation even the Pass is effective in the middle of the day. Manual re-subscription is required after package expired. Manual termination before package end date will be effective instantly and the remaining data usage will be forfeited at the same time.
  4. The $2 administration fee will be waived for the first 30 days and will be deducted on the subsequent day every 30 days.
  5. Card is valid for 60 days from the activation date. Each time you recharge your card, its validity will be reset for further 60 days to retain the mobile number.
  6. Card is not supported the roaming service.
  7. Please click here for the details of WhatsApp Package.
  8. Please click here fot the details of 3 SuperTalk Service.

"VAS " Package Subscription & Cancellation
Package Subscription Cancellation
$168/1GB  (30 Days) *127 * 610 #  # 127 * 610 #
$248/2GB  (30 Days) *127 * 620 #  # 127 * 620 #
$298/3GB  (30 Days) *127 * 630 #  # 127 * 630 #
 WhatsApp Package $8  127 510 #  #127 510 #
 WhatsApp Package $18  127 511 #  #127 511 #
3 Super Talk Daily Package 

*127 * 308 # 

# 127 * 308 #

3 Super Talk Monthly Package (30 Days)

*127 * 358 # 

# 127 * 358 #

Free Wi-Fi Service

*127 * 8 #


You can recharge by the following methods for your Prepaid SIM Card. The expiry date will extend 60 days from the day of with the correpsonding value.
1. Recharge Voucher      *Available Vouchers
2. e-voucher
3. ATM
4. PPS
5. Online Recharge via
6. Online Recharge via yycard point
7. Recharge via "HKDay" Apps
8. Online Recharge via
  1. You will receive a message with the new stored value and the expiry date upon every successful recharge.
  2. For recharge via ATM/PPS, please enter the mobile number and Check Digit for the "Bill/Account Number":
    • e.g. mobile number is 9123 xxxx and Check Digit is 5, thus enter 9123xxxx5.
    • Press # # 107 # Callvia mobile phone to check the "Check Dight".
  3. For recharge via yycard point, customer is required to enter the mobile number and Check Digit.
How To Use
First Time Activation of Your SIM Card (Recommended in Hong Kong)
Make a local voice/video call in Hong Kong
Arrow right
The card is activated. You will receive a short message from the system displaying your assigned mobile number, total stored value, expiry date, check digit(This number allows you to recharge via ATM and PPS) and password (This password enables you to recharge by dialing 1753175 with any touch-tone phones)
Press [##107*0#] Call
(Applicable to selected roaming countries)
Arrow right
Account Enquiry of Stored Value, Mobile number and Expiry Date:[##107#] Call
Recharge: [##105*] [16-digit password of recharge voucher][#] Call, or call 1753175, follow instruction and enter password of recharge voucher
3 Service Tips (Recommended to use 3 video mobile phones)
Services Methods of use Charges
Multimedia Content Visit on handset connect to Planet 3 and press "3 Index" Browsing Planet 3: Free
Viewing normal multi-media content: Deducts M or charges per individual service / content
Call Forward Bundle

(Example: Unconditional Call Forward)
Press **21*
[HK telephone no.] # Call
For receiving calls diverted to local telephone no. /voice mailbox/video mailbox: Charge at local voice/video airtime rate
Press **21*001 [country code][area code] (if applicable)[overseas telephone no.] # Call For receiving calls diverted to overseas telephone no.: Charge at IDD airtime rate (local airtime charge is waived)
APN setting:

Sales Channel
Our Prepaid SIM Card is available all over Hong Kong including 3Shop.