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3 Hong Kong to offer free 5GB data SIM cards at
60+ Hong Kong outlets1enabling recipients to enjoy
“myTV SUPER” programmes starting 15 March


We believe watching a richness of TV content on mobile devices will prove a big hit in
Hong Kong

  • Free “myTV SUPER” 5GB data SIM cards will be offered at more than 60 outlets1, enabling recipients to watch drama shows on a mobile device
  • Discounted monthly plans from $392cover the “myTV SUPER Basic Pack” and TVB Premium SVOD, enabling subscribers to watch all 30 thematic TV channels
  • The $68-per-month “myTV SUPER” × “Night Fever” Data Combo provides a hassle-free late-night viewing experience
  • Starting 15 March, existing 4G customers (excluding 4G LTE Family Plan customers) subscribing to the “myTV SUPER” × “Night Fever” Data Combo can utilise the service for an extra month

HONG KONG, 7 March 2016– 3 Hong Kong, the mobile communications division of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings (HTHKH, stock code: 215), today provided more information on its offer of free “myTV SUPER” 5GB data SIM cards, which will be made available starting 15 March. Recipients will be first to watch an array of programmes from TVB.COM Limited (TVB) via 30 thematic TV channels by using the new paid “myTV SUPER” mobile app on 3 Hong Kong’s ultra-fast 4G LTE network. What’s more, 3 Hong Kong will launch the “myTV SUPER” × “Night Fever” Data Combo specially designed for customers who like to watch late-night drama shows. The combined effect is likely to set a new trend in mobile TV entertainment.

Free “myTV SUPER” 5GB data SIM card offer opens 15 March
Tens of thousands of “myTV SUPER” 5GB data SIM cards3will be offered free to the public from more than 60 outlets1during business hours, including 3Shop and 3Xpress branches. In order to watch “myTV SUPER” content, holders must activate the SIM card, download the “myTV SUPER” app and register for a one-month trial account before 31 December 20164.  They can then access free content that includes Hong Kong, Japanese, Korean and Cantonese dramas, as well as animation, variety shows and children’s programmes via 3 Hong Kong’s 4G network or Wi-Fi.

After 5GB of free data has been consumed, card holders can top-up the card’s value to purchase a local data plan or use Wi-Fi to continue to watch the content during the trial period. Post-trial, card holders can also subscribe to discounted monthly plans to watch “myTV SUPER” programmes. “myTV SUPER” 5GB SIM cards are limited in number and will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis.

“myTV SUPER” service plans start at just $392a month
3 Hong Kong customers can opt for a discounted price of $58 a month when subscribing to the “myTV SUPER” Basic Pack and TVB Premium Subscription video-on-demand (SVOD), normally priced at $76. Customers subscribing or upgrading to designated handset plans can get the above-mentioned offering as a value-added service for $392. This will enable them to view more than 11,000 hours of programming from 30 thematic channels5on smart devices via the “myTV SUPER” app – all on an “anytime, anywhere” basis.

The $68-per-month “myTV SUPER” and “Night Fever” Data Combo provides a hassle-free experience for nocturnal drama fans
Starting 15 March, an innovative “Night Fever” Unlimited Data Pack will be made available for a monthly fee of $48. This will grant unlimited 4G data at speeds not less than 1Mbps6from 11pm to 7am every day to meet the needs of nocturnal drama fans.

Select 3 Hong Kong 4G customers (excluding 4G LTE Family Plan customers) subscribing to the “myTV SUPER” and “Night Fever” Data Combo for just $68 a month (normally $106) will have the first month’s fee waived. The combo comes complete with the “Night Fever” Unlimited Data Pack, “myTV SUPER” Basic Pack and TVB Premium SVOD – all to provide a hassle-free experience for customers watching drama shows through the night.

Advanced 4G and Wi-Fi networks crucial to new era of mobile TV entertainment
HTHKH Chief Operating Officer Jennifer Tan said: “Connectivity between all 3 Hong Kong cell sites and optical-fibre leased lines owned by Hutchison Global Communications has been upgraded to 1Gbps. We are therefore able to deliver an ultra-smooth experience via our advanced 4G network and Hong Kong’s largest commercial Wi-Fi deployment of more than 17,000 hotspots.”

She added: “We believe watching TV on mobile phones will prove a big hit in Hong Kong, ushering customers into a new era of mobile entertainment comprising rich content made available via ‘myTV SUPER’, plus a series of promotional activities.”

For more information on the “myTV SUPER” package and “Night Fever” Unlimited Data Pack, please contact the 3 Hong Kong sales hotline on 1032, visit 3 Hong Kong’s Facebook Fanpage at

For more information on “myTV SUPER”, please visit


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About 3 Hong Kong
3 Hong Kong is a leading mobile communications service provider and the only local operator to own blocks of spectrum across the 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz, 2300MHz and 2600MHz bands. 3 Hong Kong offers cutting-edge data, voice and roaming services under the “3” brand via far-reaching advanced 4G LTE, 3G and 2G networks. 3 Hong Kong also works with renowned partners to offer a wealth of innovative mobile devices and value-added services, while providing high-speed Wi-Fi at “3HKWiFiService” hotspots to serve Hong Kong’s major areas. 3 Hong Kong is the mobile division of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited (stock code: 215), a group member of CK Hutchison Holdings (stock code: 1).

For more information on 3 Hong Kong, please visit
For more information on HTHKH, visit

Remarks :

  1. Schedule for distributing free 5GB data SIM cards will vary depending on outlet business hours. For 3Shop and 3Xpress details, please visit 3 Hong Kong’s website at
  2. Customers must subscribe or upgrade to a designated handset and sign a designated service contract.
  3. 5GB of free local data is offered to users for the purpose of viewing ”myTV SUPER”, TVB platform and associated programmes. Users can use Wi-Fi to continue to enjoy “myTV SUPER” services after the 5GB local data has been consumed during the 30-day free trial period.
  4. Holders of free “myTV SUPER” 5GB data SIM cards can utilise the “myTV SUPER” Basic Pack and TVB Premium SVOD for 30 days free of charge if trial accounts are activated on or before 17 April 2016. Holders activating trial accounts after 17 April 2016 – but on or before 31 December 2016 – are eligible for the “myTV SUPER Basic Pack” for 30 days. For channel details, please visit
  5. Pearl will be available on “myTV SUPER” from 12:00noon on 6 April 2016.
  6. It refers to local data access speed (upload and download) and will not correspond to the speed experienced by an individual customer. The speed experienced by the customer may be less than that and will be affected by the network setting, network specification, user’s device, transmission technology, individual network and software used, coverage, usage level and extraneous factors.