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iPhone 7
Subscribe to a designated iPhone plan to enjoy up to $1,100 service fee rebate!
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iPad Pro 9.7-inch is coming soon
10.5-inch iPad Pro is available now.
10.5-inch iPad Pro is available now. Subscribe to a designated monthly plan to enjoy $0 handset price!
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Limited Time Online Offer: All-in-One Broadband Mobile Offer!
ONE package with Broadband, Voice, 4G 21M SIM and myTV Super Service for as low as $189 per month! Fully equipped for surfing the net & watching drama anytime, anywhere!
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Apple Watch
Apple Watch available at 3HK
Apple Watch Series 2 is a superior sports watch that measures your workouts with detailed customisable metrics.
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iPhone 6s
Subscribe to a designated iPhone plan to enjoy up to $1,680 service fee rebate!
Wi-Fi Calling
iPhone with 3HK's “3Wi-Fi Call+” service

You can now make incoming and outgoing Wi-Fi Calls* with iPhone* on any Wi-Fi networks with 3HK's new “3Wi-Fi Call+” service
*If the Wi-Fi network has been successfully connected to iPhone, the service will also be compatible with Apple Watch, iPad, iPod touch or Mac computer (up to 5 Apple devices)

Roaming Day Passes
Buy 1GB free 1GB, from $15/day. Cross-country roaming data at designated regions
Roaming Day Passes
Unlimited Roaming Data and Voice
5 Days@$288 or 10 Days@$388 in 6 designated countries, exclusive for monthly customer. Act Now!
Credit Card Offer
ZoneAlarm Mobile Security
Hackers attack issue has occurred incessantly and hard to prevent. ZoneAlarm helps you to monitor Wi-Fi network, App, and OS of your device.
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Wi-Fi Hotspots
Guide to Wi-Fi
With over 25,000 Wi-Fi hotspots, there must be one nearby. Click hereto connect!
eSelf-Service Octopus Payment
The new eSelf-Service Kiosk makes bill payment faster and easier!
You can now pay your bill with above methods via eSelf-Service kiosk at our selected 3Shops.
3iChat & 3Care
With 3iChat online instant message service, you can chat with our CS ambassador anytime. 3 customers can also instantly check account & bill details at 3Care website.