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Roaming Service Roaming User Guide
Roaming User Guide
While you are traveling for business or leisure, you can enjoy a comprehensive, 3's roaming service to suit your need, as conventent as you are still in town!
Roaming Voice Call
Over 300 countries/regions covered for Roaming Voice call with seamless communications.
How To Use
Calling Hong Kong/Other Countries On handset, press [+] [ Country Code ] [ Area code ] [ Telephone No. ]
Calling your roamed location On handset, press the local telephone no.
Receive Call On handset, press "Receive Call" button
Use Home Direct Line Service to call back to Hong Kong (4G LTE / 3G Customer)
(2G Customer)
To enquire Roaming Voice Call Charge & Coverage, please click here
Data Roaming
You can enjoy comprehensive data roaming services while you are travelling for business or leisure!
  • Receive and manage your email simultaneously
  • Browse on internet, download music, and keep updated on various information
  • Send your photos / videos via MMS while travelling to share with your friends and families
  • Data Roaming Daily Pass to check email, browse web, stream video or download apps freely
Data Roaming Usage Alert
A free service for 3HK 4G LTE / 3G postpaid customers so that they can keep track of their data roaming usage while overseas.
  • When a customer's data roaming usage* in the past 4 days exceeds $500, $2000 and $5000 (based on HK Time), the system will automatically send out the alert SMS*.
  • In addition to customer's 3HK mobile number, customer can input other 3HK mobile numbers or email addresses to receive the alert message. Please click here to modify the settings.
  • When a customer is using "Data Roaming Daily Pass" on one of the designated networks, no alert SMS will be received.
*The data usage and charges displayed in the Data Roaming Usage Alert are for reference only. The data roaming usage and charges should be referred to the monthly bill. The charges are subject to the adjustment of tariff and charging unit of respective network operator, as well as the exchange rate fluctuations, without prior notice. Please contact 3 Customer Services Hotline at 3166 3333 for any enquiry or the Data Roaming Usage Alert cancellation.

  How To Use
equivalent to usage method in Hong Kong
If you are using data roaming service via iPhone or iPad, please refer to the setting guide below:
iPhone/iPad Data Roaming Setting
To enquire data roaming charges & coverage, please click here
Roaming Video Call Service
Even thousands miles away, you can still talk to your family and friends back home face to face. Distance is not an obstacle anymore.
 How To Use
Call to Hong Kong/Other Countries On handset, press [+] [ Country Code ] [ Area code ] [ Telephone No. ], then press "video call"
Call to local phone number On handset, press [Local telephone no.], then press "video call"
Receive Call On handset, press the "receive call" button
To enquire roaming video call charges and coverage, please click here
Roaming Short Messages
No need to worry about time difference or waking up someone by your phone call, use SMS to send text message while roaming and enjoy the convenience of contacting someone anytime.
How To Use
Send SMS to Hong Kong telephone number On handset, type your text message, then press [ Telephone no. ], then press "Send". Same way as sending SMS in Hong Kong
Send SMS to a local number / Other countries’ phone number On handset, type your text message, then press [+] [ Country Code ] [ Area Code] [ Telephone no. ], then press "Send".
To enquire roaming short messages charges and coverage, please click here