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Monthly Plan

4G 42M SIM Monthly Plan
4G 42M SIM Monthly Plan
SIM Subscription Monthly Plan
(12-month contract)
$138 $158 $218
SIM Subscription Monthly Plan
(24-month contract)^
$128 $148 $208
Local data 1GB 2GB 5GB
Maximum Download Speed* 42Mbps
 Airtime (min) Basic 2000 2500 3500
Heart-to-Heart 1000 1200 2000
 Wi-Fi Unlimited#
Thereafter Local Charge
4G SIM Data Top-up Options:
Local Data of SIM Subscription Monthly Plan 1GB 2GB 5GB
1. TVB Data Contract Based Monthly Fee
   (Data applicable for myTV SUPER & TVB platform)
+1GB/$20 or +3GB/$50 or +6GB/$80
2. Top Up Data Contract Based Monthly Fee +1GB/$20 or +2GB/$40
3. "Night Fever" Unlimited Date  Contract Based Monthly Fee
    Data usage from 11pm-7am
Unlimited data, Maximum download speed is 7.2Mbps*, $48/month
4. Flexible Monthly Top-up
     ( How to top up? )
Free Value-Added Services: Caller Number Display, Call Waiting, Conference Call, Call Barring, VoiceMail, Roaming Default Call, Call Forward Bundle and Call Forward Minute Package

- Text (per item): "Text" includes Text Info services and Text-based content downloads.
- Multimedia (per item): "Multimedia" includes Picture MMS, Video MMS, Picture and Video content downloads and streaming.

# Applicable to designated hotspots. When the Wi-Fi signal is weak or unavailable, service may automatically be accessed by mobile data and mobile data charge will incur based on user's monthly tariff plan
* The speed experienced by customer may be less than this and will be affected by the network setting, network specification, user’s device, transmission technology, individual network and software used, coverage, usage level and extraneous factors.
^ $10 rebate per month upon 24-month contract commitment

Terms & Conditions
  1. Designated contract is required for all SIM subscription.
  2. Customer is required to pay the Administration Fee of $18 per month.
  3. Sending and receiving voice calls and MMS to and from 3 subscribers are deemed as Heart-To-Heart voice and Intra MMS.
  4. The charge of sending each local intra-SMS among 3 customers is $0.2; sending each local inter-operator SMS to a non-3 customer is $0.6. Customer can subscribe to an Intra-SMS monthly package at $8 for 10,000 intra-SMS per month. Thereafter charge will be $0.2 per intra-SMS.
  5. Additional HK$1.5 would be charged for making a video call to a subscriber of other Hong Kong designated mobile operator.
  6. There would be no surcharge for receiving a video call from a subscriber of other Hong Kong designated mobile operator.
  7. Wireless local data usage charge is applicable to Phone email application usage or access to Mail via video mobile phone, access to sites other than the 3Service and wireless modem application.
  8. All plans include unlimited mobile IDD local talk time ("001", "1968" & "+" only).
  9. For international voice and video calls, international call rates apply.
  10. For international roaming services, roaming rates apply.
  11. Talk time guarantee (One minute of video and voice call talk time will be rebated if your call accidentally drops out and either the calling party calls back or you dial the number again within 1 minute of the call drop-out).
  12. When a customer uses the Conference Call or Call Waiting service, airtime will be calculated according to the total time spent on all connected lines.
  13. Prepayment of $100 SIM card fee is required for SIM subscription and shall be refunded after used for 1 month.
  14. In case of early disconnection of service plan or Top Up data pack (if applicable) during the contract period for whatsoever reasons, a liquidated damage fee will be charged by 3HK.
  15. Customer is required to subscribe the Top Up Data Pack and/or “Night Fever” Unlimited Data Contract Pack on the same day of 4G 42M SIM monthly plan with same contract commitment period.
  16. Customer is required to sign 12 months of TVB data pack contract. Data usage of the myTV SUPER, TVB platform and associated services (except the data incurred by any advertisements and promotional materials appearing within app) will be deducted from TVB Data entitlement. The usage of the TVB Data applies to local mobile data service only. An SMS alert will be sent to the customer when data usage of TVB Data reaches the limit and data usage consumed afterwards will be deducted from subscribed monthly plan entitlement.  If aggregate data usage has reached the limit, local data usage will be temporarily suspended.
  17. Customer can choose one Top Up Data Pack, one TVB Data Pack and one “Night Fever” Unlimited Data Pack per mobile account only.
  18. When the Data Top-up Options has been consumed (if applicable) or the mobile data is consumed under non "Night Fever" period, mobile data will be deducted from the local data of plan entitlement or paid data pack or bonus data. Data usage during the change of the time zone period may be different from the actual data usage due to time difference or delay.
  19. The monthly fee and data pack entitlement of Data Top-up Contract Offer are non-prorated. The usage entitlement of the Data Top-up Contract Offer apply to local mobile data service only. The Data Top-up Contract Offer will be stopped after expiration of the data pack contract period.
  20. An SMS alert will be sent to the customer when data usage nearly reaches the limit. Customer may purchase data top-up options through or 3Meter App which can be used for the remaining period of the month before bill cut-off date.  If data usage has reached the limit, local data usage will be suspended.
  21. Customer is required to redeem the monthly free bonus data/paid Data Top-up Options (not applicable to “Night Fever” Data Pack and TVB Data Pack) through or 3Meter App before the next bill date on each month during contract period or it will be forfeited. Any unused data usage cannot be carried forward to the next bill month.
  22. For minimal data usage triggered by handset applications during the period of suspension of local data usage, or unbilled data usage due to cut-off time difference or delay, they will be deducted upon top-up of additional data during that bill month.
  23. Local data usage information shown on different interfaces and message alerts may vary from real-time usage.  Hutchison Telephone Company Limited shall not be held liable for any matters arising from any failure in relation to the timing, cancellation, transmission or delivery during application for free or paid data.
  24. Once the top-up data has been purchased, the related payment will not be refunded.
- 4.5G network is applicable to designated mobile device model only.
- All usage is subject to 3 Hong Kong Service Usage Policy and Fair Usage Policy.
- Unless otherwise specified, the usage entitlement and fee of the monthly plan apply to local services only.
- All service contents and charges are subject to final decision of 3 Hong Kong. 3 Hong Kong reserves the right to change the contents and charges without prior notice.
- The above offers are subject to our 3G and 4G LTE Service Terms and Conditions, the aforesaid and other special terms and conditions. Please contact 3Shop staff for details.
- Hutchison Telephone Company Limited reserves the right of final decision on the above offer and reasonable prior notice will be provided if there is any change to the offer or relevant terms and conditions.